The Peter Malick Group Feat. Norah Jones

Many of us know Norah Jones from early 2002 when she came out with her Come away with me album. This album hit the billboard charts and was an instant hit around the globe. I was actually in New Delhi, India after having just finished my highschool when I first heard this album. Being a great music lover, I was instantly attracted to her sound and voice. Many of us know Norah’s solo albums, but today I’m here to talk about her album with Peter Malick, which not many people are aware of.

The album was called “New York City” by The Peter Malick Group Feat. Norah Jones.The Peter Malick Group Feat. Norah Jones
According to wikipedia, I found out that this album was actually recorded before Norah Jones’ Debut album “come away with me” However, it was only released three years later. This is a rather over looked album where Norah Jones is featured in every single song. The album consists of total seven tracks. “New York City” is the title track which has two versions in the album. There is one track where Norah has a duet with a male vocalist, a rather bluesy song called “Things you don’t have to do

I got hold of this album around 2004 by a good friend of mine. When I first heard it, i remember just being glued to this album for couple of weeks straight. The sound of this album is very thick, warm and full of little blues jazzy riffs equally from all instruments which well complimented by Norah’s voice. I also noticed Peter Malick’s guitar solos were very modest yet made each track complete.

One of the things that surprised me in this album was the track “heart of mine” which was sung by Bob Dylan.I had heard it back in middle school when I was just first being introduced to Bob dylan. I am not 100% sure who composed this song, but I thought it was a great cover. I think Peter Malick and Norah did justice to the song.

Overall, if you like some contemporary jazz and Norah Jones’ music and have never heard of this album, do get hold of it. Worth the mullah.


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