“Cradlesong” Rob Thomas’ best album so far

During my highschool days, we listened to a lot of alternative rock bands like smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, radiohead etc etc… Eventually I took a big turn as far as playing and listening, i got more into blues, gospel, jazz, funk and soul. However, every now and then when I hear the songs we use to listen to in high-school, it would just take be right back there. One of the bands I really enjoyed listening to was matchbox twenty.

I use to find Rob Thomas’ vocals just perfect for the band and their sound. Somehow I managed to keep up with Rob Thomas’ work with matchbox twenty and his own solo work. Recently I got hold of Rob Thomas‘ latest solo album “Cradlesong”.

Rob Thomas "cradlesong"  albumcover
Rob Thomas "cradlesong" albumcover

The album “Cradlesong” was released on June 30th 2009. I got hold of this album first week of July, since then it hasn’t been off my ipod and itunes. Overall, I thought it was one of the best albums as a whole that I had heard in a while. The album felt complete and didn’t feel like it was missing anything or had too much of anything. I would say Cradlesong has been my this summer’s album.

Rob Thomas has a real good understanding of music. As we all know it, he’s worked with Santana on the hit song smooth, with Mick Jagger on one of his songs “visions of paradise” also the collaboration with John Mayer on his Streetcorner Symphony.

The song “Someday” from this new album is the one i really like, its got this very almost 80s piano in the intro, then the song just takes off with rather melancholic lyrics.. but the music compliments the lyrics, really well. There’s also some girl vocals in the background for the harmony, which just gives almost a gospel feel. Just really well put together track I would say.

“Fire on the Mountain” is another song with a very Epic sound, has somewhat eastern sound in the intro. The song progresses with heavy percussion and very controlled guitar sounds. “Hard on you” is another track which has a very unique sound, probably goes really well while driving on highway 1. I think i’ll stop here, I can go on about the album. If you haven’t heard it yet, do get a copy of this album. Overall, Cradlesong is FIVEstar album. I found the song SNOWBLIND from this Cradlesong album on youtube, take a listen. Real good sound.


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