Results for the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards 2010 (INDIA)

So when I was in delhi first week of Jan, i found out about the Jack Daniel’s Awards. I’ve always been curious about Indian rock scene. I’m glad, Rudy and Tips both from soulmate got what they deserved. Also much love to ‘them clones’.. So yea, I just found this info from the radio and music website.

Here are the results for the Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards.

1. Best Band of the Year – Swarathma

2. Best Album of the Year – Bhayanak Maut – Bhayanak Maut

3. Best Song of the Year – Them Clones – “My Life”

4. Male Vocalist of the Year – Prithwish Dev/Them Clones

5. Female Vocalist of the Year – Tipriti Kharbangar/Soulmate

6. Guitarist of the Year – Rudy Wallang/Soulmate

7. Bass Player of the Year – Craig Maxworth/Junkyard Groove

8. Drummer of the Year – Surojit Dev/Them Clones

9. Keyboardist of the Year – Stefan Kaye/Emperor Minge

10. Emerging Band of the Year – Inner Sanctum (Bengaluru), Sridhar/Thayil (Mumbai)

Popular Choice Categories (Critics’ & Jury’s Choice):

11. Album of The Year: Swarathma

12. Song of The Year: Swarathma

13. Band of The Year: Swarathma

14. Acclaimed Singer & Music Producer, Biddu was presented with Lifetime Achievement Award at the 5th Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards 2009-10

If you wanna view the nominees for each category click here.


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