featuring Melissa Polinar !

Woke up this morning,  saw the latest tweet by Melissa Polinar about her tribute to the legend ETTA JAMES.  Checked out the video, loved it! So i’m here sharing this video on my little music blog.

If you haven’t heard of Melissa Polinar, you better start checking out her stuff.  She’s one of my top youtube findings so far, amazing singer/song writer/guitarist. Few years back a friend of mine had forwarded me her youtube channel with this song (sick guitar chordss… and the vocals also)

I’ve been following her music stuff online, thru twitter and youtube. Last year I was also able to get hold of her album “As of now”, infact, I got an autographed copy 😀 through kickstart website. Great album! played it many times while driving in and around da bay area.
The point is you should check out her stuff. If you are a guitarist, you have to check out some of the chords she plays…just off the hook.
Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering here, now go ahead and check out Melissa Polinar’s website and other online platforms.

Alrighty, adios friends/strangers/music lovers!

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