Shillong Chamber Choir goes Malayalam ! Good Stuff !!!

So we all have heard of Shillong Chamber Choir, especially if you are from India. I had recently visited Shillong, and the Shillong Chamber Choir was mentioned often in quite a few conversations. Definitely something to proud of if you are from Shillong. Anyway, I came across this Malayalam song done by this choir, sounds great. Malayalam sounds much better than the Hindi numbers they do…i think :/

“Anthem for all lazy boys and lazy girls ‘Madi Madi’ (WITH SUBS) from the Malayalam movie Goodbye December”
(according to youtube) Enjoy the song!

Here is what the “about” section from the choir’s offical wesbite says about them.
“Shillong Chamber Choir was formed in 2001 by Mr. Neil Nongkynrih. Initially, the idea started because the latter felt a need to hone some of the musical talents in Meghalaya and the North East. As the years progressed, the concept of the choir has now gone beyond just the musical aspect into a holistic approach. 
In 2010, they won the trophy for the reality television show ‘India’s Got Talent – Season 2’ and performed for US President Barak Obama at the Presidential Banquet, New Delhi. Prior to this, in the same year they came back from the World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China with Gold Diplomas in all the three categories in which they participated – Musica Sacra, Gospel and Popular.
In 2009, the choir had their debut performance with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra with performances in Shillong and Kolkata. In this season, the choir was keen to explore music from Indian Cinema especially melodies of yester years rearranged by Mr. Nongkynrih.
In their repertoire, they have also sung an eclectic range of music from all genres whether it is western classical, pop, jazz, gospel or musica sacra.
They were first invited to The Rashtrapati Bhavan by the then President of India Shri Abdul Kalam in 2005 and henceforth have been invited again the past three years by Smti. Pratibha Patil for the annual Christmas concerts.
Outside home the choir has toured the U.K., Poland, Switzerland, South Korea, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. In their own State the choir performs regularly in concerts, some of which is televised.
In 2006 a documentary film was made about the choir entitled ‘The Shillong Chamber Choir and the Little Home School’ and was premiered at the Dutch Documentary Film Festival.
They will tour in the coming year to various cities in India as well as abroad.”

Do check out their stuff online. ok have nice day!


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