meet LAKE STREET DIVE ! they are flippin’ AWESOME!

Its been few weeks since I stumbled into this band “LAKE STREET DIVE”, ever since I play their song almost everyday from youtube. Their melodious sound, their covers, the bassist, trumpet, vocals.. everything about the band is tight. If you love somewhat folk/bluesy jazzy typa stuff, these guys are the ones to be tuned in to. More than me blabbering here, check out their songs now. One thing I will say is these guys love playing/making music, the love for music is just clearly there.
Anyway, below are the videos according to my favorites.


blisslogic, great band from mumbai.

a great new song by blisslogic, band from mumbai with a naga front man.YEAH go northeast !!! good stuff.

Here is a lil info bout the band.

The seeds of Bliss Logic were planted in 2002, when Yanger’s current band mates drummer Lindsay D’Mello and bassist JD Thirumalai produced two tracks for Sleeping Buddha’s self-titled debut album. “Almost a year later, JD and I met up and, over a couple of beers, decided to record a track,” said Yanger. bliss“Lindsay also got involved and we ended up spending a couple of recording sessions holed up in his music room, furiously crafting the track that was to be ‘Spill’. The computer crashed after the last session and we ended up with a rough and unfinished mix that we had created the day earlier… that is the mix you will hear in the album. Anyway, somewhere along the line, I guess we all kinda gravitated towards writing more songs, jamming, hanging, recording, drinking, smoking, etc and four-to-fiver years later, we have The Big Thaw!!’” You may not find a lot of logic in the music of Bliss Logic but you will hopefully obtain a considerable amount of musical bliss. “The tracks are just explorations of ideas, thoughts, moods, feelings… it’s intensely personal in that sense,” said Yanger. “But I’ve been told that it makes sense to a lot of people. So if it works… great.” Yanger’s lyrics are frequently abstract, but in the hands of D’Mello and Thirumalai –two formidable names in the Indian music scene – his diary entries are transformed into the kind of dreamy, ethereal rock that you could cosy up to a rainy night but just as easily chill out to a sun-kissed summer afternoon. “The music is pretty easy listening with bursts at parts of elements of electro, drum n’ bass, rock, jazz and blues, which create a mood of their own and have a subtle message of their own too, which is totally open to the listener’s perception,” said D’Mello. “We all grew up in the ’80s so you might hear a little bit of that too.” The many contributions add an additional dimension to Bliss Logic’s distinctive sound that’s inherently mellow yet musically muscular. It’s also “indie” in the truest sense. The Big Thaw is a self-produced album, something that has enabled the group to take risks they would not have been able to otherwise. “Being an independent effort, we have the freedom to do what the fuck we want… nobody telling us ‘No, this solo doesn’t work etc,” said D’Mello. The Big Thaw is one of those rare records that move seamlessly from one track to another. But the band’s members don’t believe in overanalysing the creative process that goes into song-making. “My general philosophy is simple,” said Yanger. “Does it sound good? Does it make sense? If I fulfil these two criteria, I generally feel like I’m on the right track. Story… meaning… chords… techniques… angles… shoo shaa… it’s all shite mate.”



Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist, 24yrs old Australian girl: Orianthi Panagaris

Orianthi Panagaris
Orianthi Panagaris

So while i was watching Michael Jackson’s funeral back in June, I noticed a girl guitarist on the stage. I also remember she sang with the group the song “we are the world”. I was curious to find out who she was. Soon enough with the help of google and youtube I was able to find this girl who was playing at the MJ funeral. Her name is Orianthi Panagaris, 24 year-old, very talented guitarist all the way from Australia. She has jammed with Santana and played at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads guitar festival in 2007.

Check out this video to see her story… its just amazing !