meet Lou Majaw


Lou Majaw (born 1947) is a Khasi guitarist popularly known as the “One of the Biggest Fans of Bob Dylan in the North-East”.[citation needed]

Born to a poor family, the Majaws could not afford a guitar or a radio. In a friend’s house he was introduced to the music of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, and taught himself the guitar in school. Majaw then moved on to Kolkata (Calcutta) where he played in bars and pubs for various groups such as the Dynamite Boys, Vanguards, Supersound Factory, and Blood and Thunder. In 1966, Lou was introduced to Bob Dylan‘s work. Inspired by his music, he later organized a “Dylan’s birthday concert” in Shillong on 24 May 1972. Since then he has organized the concert each year on 24 May to pay obeissance to Dylan, with the shows eventually gaining national and international fame.”

some videos i found bout this shillong legend “Lou Majaw” . Enjoy !

Billy Corgan releases new song online for free.

I remember listening to smashing pumpkins through out highschool, back in india. I think we even played few of their songs in different events during high school. Songs like today, blew away, mayonnaise etc etc..  Anyway, I just came across the news that Billy Corgan has a new song for free online. So i did some research, found it and have posted below. The song’s got  pretty good sound. The guitar solo is pretty sick in the middle. According to this other article i read at Corgan said this about the song, “It’s got something to do about not having any kids and thinking about why I don’t have any kids,” Corgan tells Spinner. “And then also kind of thinking about my relationship with my father — there’s some kind of connection there, but it’s not overt. I didn’t set out to write that. It just rolled out of me.”

“Eventually, all 44 of the new Smashing Pumpkins tracks will be available for free at the band’s website. ” NICE !!!

click here to listen to the song or download the song. Enjoy !