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Digitally Imported is the name of the site. It is by far one of the best online radio. is mostly focused on electronic music. The website also has other non electronic genres through When you get on the wdi_fm_logoebsite, choose a particular station and it opens up in your itunes or whatever music player you have and you are all set. Some of my favorite stations are, soulful house, goa-psy trance, chillout dreams and da tempo (which is through I am starting to lean more towards this station nowadays than I feel has too many advertisments in between songs. I don’t pay for either of these stations ( and pandora statio) and I can tell you has hardly any advertisments. Do check it out, if you are looking to discovering and exploring new good music. Click here to start listening.

Here is brief statement about the company from their website.

“Digitally Imported is a multi-channel Internet radio service specializing in Electronic Dance Music genres. Filling a global niche for this type of music made it among the most popular internet radio stops on the internet since the late 1999. Continue reading