Shillong Chamber Choir goes Malayalam ! Good Stuff !!!

So we all have heard of Shillong Chamber Choir, especially if you are from India. I had recently visited Shillong, and the Shillong Chamber Choir was mentioned often in quite a few conversations. Definitely something to proud of if you are from Shillong. Anyway, I came across this Malayalam song done by this choir, sounds great. Malayalam sounds much better than the Hindi numbers they do…i think :/

“Anthem for all lazy boys and lazy girls ‘Madi Madi’ (WITH SUBS) from the Malayalam movie Goodbye December”
(according to youtube) Enjoy the song!

Here is what the “about” section from the choir’s offical wesbite says about them.
“Shillong Chamber Choir was formed in 2001 by Mr. Neil Nongkynrih. Initially, the idea started because the latter felt a need to hone some of the musical talents in Meghalaya and the North East. Continue reading

Soulmate @ Winter Park, Colorado, 10 FEB 2010

So last night solo and i drove up to Winter Park, Colorado to check out Soulmate’s gig. The gig was just fantastic, they were solely a powerhouse. They played much of their own music and other classic covers as well. The response was great, infact the mayor of Winter Park,  Jim Myers was invited to the event who formally welcomed Soulmate on behalf of Winter Park. Also the Grand County Blues Society President, Cassiddi Brickner presented an excellent in blues award to soulmate. But yea, for now I’ve got the pictures up. The size is kinda small view below, so if you wanna view them straight on the flickr site, click here. Enjoy ! i have some videos also, hopefully I’ll edit them quick and have it up here again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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meet Lou Majaw


Lou Majaw (born 1947) is a Khasi guitarist popularly known as the “One of the Biggest Fans of Bob Dylan in the North-East”.[citation needed]

Born to a poor family, the Majaws could not afford a guitar or a radio. In a friend’s house he was introduced to the music of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, and taught himself the guitar in school. Majaw then moved on to Kolkata (Calcutta) where he played in bars and pubs for various groups such as the Dynamite Boys, Vanguards, Supersound Factory, and Blood and Thunder. In 1966, Lou was introduced to Bob Dylan‘s work. Inspired by his music, he later organized a “Dylan’s birthday concert” in Shillong on 24 May 1972. Since then he has organized the concert each year on 24 May to pay obeissance to Dylan, with the shows eventually gaining national and international fame.”

some videos i found bout this shillong legend “Lou Majaw” . Enjoy !